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Dr. Elain combines Eastern and Western Medicine to provide wellness, health, and aesthetic services to people in the Irvine, California area. She can help you find the balance needed to discover wellness from within.

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Dr. Elain has a beautiful practice with state-of-the-art aesthetics technology and the most effective wellness solutions. She strives to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible whilst aiming to improve your overall health and wellness.

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Non-invasive Skin Rejuvenation

PicoSure Skin Brightening

The PicoSure laser system uses innovative picosecond technology to brighten the skin by removing pigmentation (brown spots), facial redness, and scars. Now you can rejuvenate your skin without surgery or downtime. Treatments are perfect for those with light and/or sensitive skin. Dr. Elain will create a custom treatment plan to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Eastern Medicine meets Western Medicine

Elain Tong, D.O.

Elain Tong D.O., aka Dr. Elain is a board certified family medicine physician with subspecialties in pain management and anti-aging who has a passion for all things natural, holistic, and metaphysical. Her goal is to help you achieve physical and emotional wellness. Dr. Elain wants you to be the healthiest person you can be – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She believes that true health and wellness come from within and can only be attained if we are balanced in all of these areas.

Dr. Elain Tong, D.O.
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CIT for Skin + Hair + Sexual Health

CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a natural treatment with many amazing benefits. Using concentrated growth factors from your own body, Dr. Elain can rejuvenate your skin, treat hair loss/thinning, or improve your sexual health. With Dr. Elain’s expert touch, you can experience the powerful results of CIT!


“Dr. Elain Tong’s Eastern approach to Western medicine has been eye opening and productive in healing my underlying chronic issues.”

- Marianne L.
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Pain Management

Managing your pain is the first step toward achieving health and wellness. Dr. Elain provides nerve block and trigger point therapy combined with acupuncture for pain disorders. If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, migraines or other painful disorders, Dr. Elain will use integrative methods to help you find and sustain your healthiest self!


Providing a variety of non-invasive anti-aging treatments, Dr. Elain offers bioidentical hormone replacement, peptide therapy, Chinese herbs, nutraceuticals, and homeopathy to help you feel your best. She tailors each treatment to the individual for the best possible results with the least side effects.

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Family Medicine

Dr. Elain is board certified and licensed to practice medicine in California. Her patients love her holistic approach to conventional medicine.


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